Crush It With Confidence

​Are you ready to 'Crush It With Confidence'?

When I was a little girl, I tried to keep my goals small so that I could achieve them. Not feeling ‘good enough’ has the nasty ability to squash dreams and keep us living small.

Don’t get me wrong - I had goals. I dreamed of helping people. I wanted everyone to ‘get along’ and communicate in healthy ways and be happy. I sensed things about people. Obviously, I was a strange child…

Humor aside, my childhood was not a happy one. This isn’t a contest nor do I pretend my life was worse or better than anyone else’s. It just wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy. I suffered from depression - and later on anxiety - for much of my childhood and early adulthood. Of course, I didn’t know what it was. I just felt awful, sad and not good enough. Ever.

Fast forward to my ‘real life’. After graduating with honors with my second Masters Degree, I started my career. And I was good - really, really good. I could help people see through and past their troubles. We could dig deep and find their meaning, their gifts, and their goals. I became really good at helping people to piece together their past and help them create a beautiful new mosaic.

"...[after working with Tanya] I find that I carry myself with more confidence and I am able to make better decisions for me. I have been able to value my work at a higher worth which in turn makes me more successful. On a more personal note, I take a deeper look at myself and investigate the why's on some of my self-sabotaging behaviors. This has been a huge accomplishment for me in terms of letting go of certain things so that I can allow myself freedom from some of my guilt." RaeAnn F.  Music Therapist

And still I struggled putting together the pieces of my own life to create my own artistic masterpiece. Find my own ‘happy’. But I have. I’ve finally found a way to be my imperfect, perfect self. To accept all parts of me. Absolutely whole in the knowledge that I have beautiful cracks and fissures all over, and that just makes me even more beautiful.

I found my sense of self-confidence. It allows me to be fully me. To allow myself to help others in my own ‘imperfect’ way, so that they can glory in all their imperfect selves.

When we have confidence, everything else feels easier, looks brighter, feels safer.

I love to work with clients 1:1 to help them get past their overwhelm and stress, and find their authentic sense of calm confidence. However, it is time to spread my wings… And I am challenging myself - my imperfect self - to launch a group program for self-confidence.

In this initial kick-off, I am hoping to work with at least 5 women who are interested in piecing together their story, their picture, so that they can share it with the world. This is going to be a three-week program. One live group-call each week with me where I will walk you through information and techniques to help you dig deep into the source of your confidence issues, let go of what is keeping you stuck there, and create new habits of thought and behavior that will change your confidence in yourself, forever!

This is an experiential journey - one we will take together.

The skills you will learn you can take with you forever, uncovering and releasing limits and other blocks to your self-confidence.  Because gaining confidence is a journey.  As we change and grow, we are able to let go of more and more limits - especially if we have the right tools and guidance.

There is no glitz or glam. Nothing except hardcore experience (personal and professional), tried-and-tested techniques, supporting information and .pdf’s, and amazing support from myself and others in the group!

"Tanya truly listens to what I’m saying or sharing. She helps me correct my thoughts or actions is a gentle manner. She also gives me tools that are so easy and applicable to everyday life." ~ Jenn M.  Entrepreneur

What can you expect?

* A reNEWed belief in YOU

* Finally see challenge as opportunity

* Recognize (and set) healthy boundaries

* Finally release your tendency to self-sabotage

* Form new habits that ensure success in life and biz!

Crush It With Confidence is for YOU if:

  • You are creative and insightful, but are struggling to ‘see’ what is keeping you stuck and spinning your wheels right now
  • You believe the path you’ve chosen is the right one for you - but are feeling disconnected and lost
  • Self-sabotage has become one of your closest friends (but you’re ready to get a new ally).
  • You are tired of feeling overwhelmed and stuck and are ready to get moving

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