As a helper, healer, or spiritually-minded coach,
Is your potential
 burning you up inside?

Do you feel like FEAR
has you
running in circles?  

Are you ready to finally 
enJOY a $uccess-filled life?

Then come Join us in


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(we start April 17, 2017)

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  • WEEK 1: INTENTION SETTING TO MANIFEST THE DREAM (we'll identify our BIG GOALS, create powerful, unique affirmations and get to manifesting!)
  • WEEK 2: LET GO OF FEAR and stress that is keeping you small. (Visibility fears, fear of failure, rejection, feeling like a fraud).
  • WEEK 3: MASTERING MINDSET - Releasing limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, TRIGGERS, PATTERNS with the help of our Inner Child
  • WEEK 4: HEALTHY BOUNDARIES - What are they, why we stay stuck without them, and how to create them!
  • WEEK 5: RADICAL SELF-CARE - Having let go of fear and created healthy boundaries, SELF-CARE keeps us strong!
  • WEEK 6: A-Ha's to ACTION STEPS - we will move this inner work into tangible inspired action for your life and business!

Why did I create this course?

Based on my extensive experience (personal and professional), there are a number of recurring themes in what affects most entrepreneurs - especially heart-centered entrepreneurs.  And because I am familiar with human psychology and spirituality, I wanted to draw the information, experience and practical tools I have gathered into an accessible group format so that we could address the BIGGEST CONCERNS I see facing most of you, including:

  • Why do I struggle so much with visibility?
  • Why do I feel so alone - surely others must be feeling the same sense of confusion?
  • Why do I feel like a fraud? (Imposter Syndrome)
  • I feel like I'm losing passion for what I do and I'm confused...
  • Why is it so hard for me to say no?
  • Why do I feel so TRIGGERED by certain clients, issues or other helpers and healers?

You Will Get


Access to at least TWO powerful guided meditations,  specifically tailored to maximize your sense of calm, grounded safety, while connecting with the parts of you that have been holding the answers to your 'Big Life Questions'


Possibly the most magical component of this course will be having the support of other women who are in the same place, and who are ready to release their blocks and step fully into their power.  In this group there will be opportunities to share, and share *lives*


Each week you will receive a downloadable .pdf
for the topic for the week that will include journal prompts for your own personal 'work'
BONUS: Each Guided Meditation comes with a downloadable guide 


Each week on Thursday at 12pm CST / 1pm EST there will be a *live* video conference 'meeting' where we can meet as a group to share our experiences, struggles, support and achievements with the topic of the week!
Calls will be 60 minutes in length - they may run over if there are lots of questions!


What would a FUN journey of self-discovery and transformation be without some Guest Experts?
We will be joined by at least TWO GUEST EXPERTS who will pop in to help you shift the stuck energies that you uncover  during this experience.  You'll have the insights, the tools and the FUN to support your journey!  

Johanna Gardner Intuitive Business Mentor

Holy Moly!!.. I reached out to Tanya for some help with visibility blocks and I got so much more! She's a MASTER at seeing through to your truth and guiding you gently, but powerfully, to realign to your greatest potential.  I'm so in awe of how gracefully (along with lots of humor!) she helps you transmute your baggage and shows you the light at the end of the tunnel.  I'm so much more in alignment and energized to take action in the direction of where I know I will find my greatest joy! She truly is "The Joy Catalyst!""

By participating in this 6-week BETA group experienceYOU WILL...


We won't stop at identifying what the limiting beliefs are...  In fact, we will go deeper to fully understand the root of these issues, and the way our body holds the signs AND the wisdom to release what is stopping us from stepping into our power.  We will identify our Big Dreams, create affirmations that are specific to our goals, and start taking INSPIRED ACTION rather than defensive reaction.

USE A COMBINATION OF SCIENCE, PSYCHOLOGY, and INTUITION (including powerful meditations and journalling prompts) TO TAP INTO THE ANSWERS YOU SEEK.

In our desire to 'hustle' and 'break through' our blocks, we can sometimes do more damage than good.  That is why the approach in this course will combine a solid understanding of how childhood experiences and patterns continue to inform our choices and contribute to keeping us stuck.  Knowledge, insight and understanding is power - and allows us to CHOOSE new patterns and healthy choices to CREATE OUR OWN SUCCESS.


Many helpers, healers, therapists and coaches that have come from dysfunctional family experiences - which is often part of why we are particularly suited for our choice of work.  However, we often carry with us sneaky saboteurs - people pleasing, fear of failure or rejection, poor self-care practices, and a tendency to self-sabotage at the first sign of an upper limit.  We will look at how to identify and overcome the common pitfalls and create healthy energetic, physical, and emotional boundaries and create space for Self-Care.


After twenty years experience and advanced education in psychology, strong intuitive skills, the creation of a six-figure therapy practice, a dysfunctional childhood and years of crappy self-care and poor choices, I have plenty of experience to support your journey to finding the SUCCESS you desire.  (I love to add some humor and JOY, too ;)

Becky Schoonover Education Expert & Intuitive Coach

Tanya is a genius at what she does.  Her psychology background and super powerful intuition are incredible! Every time I've worked with her I've experienced massive shifts and transformation.

        And, you are tired of looking outside of yourself for all of the answers. Asking people you know. Reading books. Downloading freebies.

        ​Maybe you feel like you are letting people down by getting some help with your own feelings.  This might play into an already existent 'I'm a fraud' or the ever-niggling 'Imposter Syndrome' that affects so many of us helper types (especially those just starting out).

        Or perhaps it is misguided shame... that somehow we 'should' have all the answers already (we are the helpers, right - we're not supposed to need help).

        And maybe you have felt afraid in general.  Afraid to 'tap in' because it seems too vulnerable, too scary.  

        Fear not.

        Even with all the research, all the help...  you are here now because you 'know' that the answers to all of your questions are deep WITHIN YOURSELF... but you've been unable to unlock them by yourself.  

        It's okay.  There is help.  You don't have to do this alone.  (Alone is one of the big 'blocks' we often have, right?).

        We can go on this journey of love and self-discovery together, and finally co-create the success we desire. 

        I'd love so much for you to join us.  Its going to be powerful, informative and with a healthy dose of fun.   Because this type of serious business calls for some serious humor!

        Finally, let go of overwhelm,
        confusion and self-doubt
        and achieve

        "$uccess with Heart"

        Join us for a Six-Week Experience

        We start April 17th, 2017

        Please join us! Simply enter your details &
        a payment link
        will be emailed to you directly

        ​This Course is for YOU if: 
        • ​You have done some 'inner work', and are ready for more
        • You enjoy the energy of a GROUP experience, and are reasonably comfortable sharing in a safe environment
        • You are looking for a way better understand and release the blocks to your success: FEARS, PATTERNS, & TRIGGERS
        • You are ready to take radical responsibility for your life and choices, break free of TOXIC patterns, and OWN YOUR WORTH

        • You are ready to be even more available, present and POWERFUL for your clients.  Because you've done the work (bonus: a lot of what we cover may even be helpful for your clients, too!
        This Course NOT for you if:
        • You are looking for a course or program that 'tells you what to do'
        • You have never done any inner work, or are looking for a place to vent
        • You find comfort in staying stuck, or are uncomfortable with vulnerability (this is a hint to where some of your blocks are)
        • You are uncomfortable with humor and joy as an approach to releasing what no longer serves us.

        ​About Tanya

        Hi!  My name is Tanya Tinney, and I'm honored that you are choosing to take this journey with me... I have spent many, many years as a psychologist, therapist, mother, wife, eternal student of life and now Intuitive Coach & Joy Catalyst, learning how to understand and uproot what keeps us stuck, so we can best spread our wings to fly.

        My motivation to work with other helpers and healers stems from my own personal experience with burnout. For me, burnout was the end result of a lifelong habit of ignoring my needs and 'pushing through'.

        The major landslide happened when three children within 21 months, a move and a home renovation, and starting a 6-figure therapy business all collided. My body kept telling me there was trouble brewing, and started complaining with frequent sinus infections, and a permanent knot in the pit of my stomach. This was on top of the general sense of anxiety and constant worry I had lived with for most of my life.   I was a chronic people-pleaser and perfectionist. Despite 'knowing better', I would agree to everything but felt used and resentful afterwards (zero boundaries).

        When I finally crashed it took several years to recover. In fact, I'm still recovering and nurturing myself through an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto's) today. I remember wishing that there was somewhere to turn - but I thought, who would understand, who could I trust?

        To tell the truth, I didn't even know what help I needed. It all seemed too much and I felt overwhelmed much of the time.

        I was utterly disconnected from my Joy.

        Years later, it is now my mission to help other amazing women who are starting or running business as a helper, healer or coach, to realize that there is a better way. They can avoid the crash-and-burn altogether, or they can heal through it while nurturing their passion and their calling.

        You don't have to suffer alone. Tapping in to your inner wisdom, connecting with your intrinsic self worth, and establishing healthy boundaries is the key to success in life AND business.

        When I finally listened to my body - when I became grounded, mindful and present.  When I learned the language of my body and to listen to the needs of my own inner child and inner wisdom - that is when I truly created my success.

        I followed my intuition, my inner wisdom, and ultimately found myself - and my Joy - again.

        Those of us in the helping professions - we need to fully understand and practice what we preach. That is what is in integrity for ourselves and those we serve.

        That is my passion. To help connect you back to your joy - so you can be the powerhouse you are meant to be (without losing your *ish*).

        Join us.  You will learn and laugh.  And you will definitely contribute to every group members own healing and happy journey, too.

        Come be a catalyst for positive change - in sisterhood!

        With much love and gratitude ~

        'The Joy

        We start Monday, April 17th

        Weekly *LIVE* Zoom Video conference calls
        (with recorded replay)
        on Thursday each week
        at 12pm CST / 1pm EST
        (Video calls will be at least 60 minutes
        to allow for Q & A)
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