Why do we want to
Unlock our Inner Child?

​Quick! Grab a pen and a journal  
You're going to make good use of them
as you move through this course.  
This work takes some Inner Exploration
- and one of the best way to do that
is by journalling!
Access the Journal Prompts .pdf in the file section below!

One of the most common questions I get, is "Why would I want to connect with my Inner Child?"

Let's be honest.  Most of us do not walk around talking about our "Inner Child".  As a matter of fact, doing so can induce eye-rolls or  pictures of hippies and some funny-smelling tobacco.

​So, why is our Inner Child important?  And isn't that best left to 'professionals' who like to make us talk about our deepest darkest fears, traumas and horrible stories about our parents?

Well, yes and no.

While the reasons for wanting to unlock our Inner Child can be unique to each individual, many of the most common reasons include:

  • Wanting to understand why certain people or situations leave us feeling inadequate, small, shy or insecure.
  • A desire to improve our intimate relationships - whether that might be to attract a soulmate, to understand why we attract unhealthy partners, or to simply bring the best of us to any relationship we are in.
  • Trying to connect with our own Inner Wisdom, and learn to trust our own intuition.
  • Perhaps to learn how to be the parent, partner, employee, employer, or friend that we want to be - leaving behind old limiting beliefs and negative 'stories' once and for all!
  • Many are looking to unlock their gifts, power and be reconnected to their soul purpose.
​Journal Prompt:
What are MY reasons for exploring 
my Inner Child at this time?

I was a therapist for many years, and yes, I did specialize in trauma therapy.  As a matter of fact, during my advanced training in trauma was when I had my big 'a-ha' about how our 'Inner Child' holds the key to most of our present-day dilemmas.

In trauma therapy, we talked about 'parts' of the psyche or personality that might have 'split' off from the main personality.  This happens as a means of coping with emotions that feel 'too big' for us to handle at the time.  Very often, these 'too big' feelings happen as a result of  stress and, well, trauma.  You might be familiar with movies or TV shows that have popularized the idea of Multiple Personalities.  Well, trauma is usually at the heart of this very real condition.

But it is usually not a problem for folk like YOU and Me.

For us, we might have 'parts' to our personality, but they are not split off into separate people.  They are part of our personality, and we get to see or hear from them frequently when we are being 'triggered' by situations, people, events.  

Think about a time where you were busy minding your own business, and you run into an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.  Suddenly you are flushed, stammering, can't remember what you were just doing, thinking or saying.  You feel embarrassed and foolish.  Or you might feel tingly, sweaty or just confused - like you suddenly can't think of a single thing to say.  This is an example of being emotionally 'triggered' (by seeing your ex), and having a strong triggered reaction.  It takes a while to get back to sense of calm and confidence, doesn't it?  You might even feel 'off' for several hours or days afterwards (depending on the intensity of the emotions surrounding that relationship or that person).  This is a TRIGGERED EMOTIONAL RESPONSE.  Something that feels like it 'happens' to us that is outside of our conscious control

Triggered can mean being launched into any type of strong emotional reaction, that ranges from feeling trapped, powerless, childish, frustrated, angry, sad, avoiding the person/subject, and staying 'small'.  

If we don't deal with the reason for us getting triggered, we often get stuck in negative patterns of behavior and thought that keep us from achieving the life and relationships of our dreams.

"Tanya's Note: Individuals coping with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) are 'TRIGGERED' in much more significant and life-altering ways.  The work we are doing here is NOT THERAPY (nor is it a substitute), and in no way seeks to minimize the reality of the effects of significant trauma in someone's life."


This course is NOT for you if you have unresolved or
significant TRAUMA in your history.  
If you are feeling intensely triggered
(e.g., strong physical reactions like heart racing,
panicky or fear feelings, or sweating)
or having intrusive flashbacks (memories of events) 
reading this information, this is a good indication  
this self-directed course is not sufficient
for your healing needs at this time.
Trust your intuition. 
*refer to the Course Disclaimer
documentation in the menu bar*

These triggered 'parts', for us, were created in our own periods of stress - which could range from chronic neglect, feeling abandoned or unimportant, situations where we felt intensely embarrassed or awkward, or simply 'different'.  Living in a situation where your parents or caregivers had difficulty with healthy relationships or appropriate discipline can often create a lot of 'stuck' emotions for us, and can be the source of a lot of our limiting beliefs.   

Sometimes the things that 'happened' seem minor or even unimportant now that we have grown up  - we don't even recognize them as stressful anymore.  Sometimes they are vivid memories, but we have no idea how they continue to affect our current lives.

Whatever the case, know that your experience is YOUR experience.  And how the parts of your Inner Child felt (and still feel) is what is important.

Journal Prompt:
What are the experiences in MY past
that trigger strong, negative reactions?

While there is usually some negative emotional stuff that comes up when we dig into this work, please remember that our Inner Child parts often bear amazing gifts, talents and JOY that we have felt disconnected from for a long, long time!​ 

Our ultimate goal is to make sure we identify and bring all of our parts together - that is where the real magic lies!

Make sure to download the 'Journal Prompts' .pdf from the links below - journalling REALLY helps us to tap into the parts of our subconscious that holds the KEY to being able to move forward.

​In our next lesson, you will learn about how the 'parts' of our Inner Child hold the key to the negative PATTERNS in our life, and how we can finally unlock and release the chains that keep us trapped in these negative and limiting patterns.

Much love and gratitude ~

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