​Time to Let It Go!

You've completed your meditation.  Taken notes.  Listened to your parts.  Connected the dots.

If you chose to skip the meditation, review your answers to the Journal Prompts all the way along this path - there is plenty of good information there too!

Journal Prompt:
What has been my biggest 'A-ha'
on this journey to
Unlock My Inner Child?

Think about the original reason you were drawn to learn more about your Inner Child.  What was the 'nudge' that made you choose to explore this more?  What was your Big WHY? (That helps you to focus your attention to pull out the answers you seek).

Were you curious about how to change the negative patterns in your life, relationships, love or work?

Were you confused about your purpose, your WHY, your big life goals?

Were you tired of feeling sick and tired, overwhelmed, and just living on a hamster-wheel every day?

Now review what you have learned.  Your new answers.  
The fresh Insights about YOU.

No doubt you will notice a shift.  For some it will seem HUGE.  For others it will be subtle.

But it is impossible - if you have done the work - to move forward without a new understanding, a fresh perspective on your life and relationships.

Some of what you have uncovered and discovered will be answers to questions you had.  

Some will be answers to questions you never knew to ask. (Hint: those are the extra-special insights).

Don't be tempted - as many are - to use these insights to further spiral into a guilt, blame or shame parade.  
The 'how didn't I know'? or the
'I should have changed this sooner' spiral benefits no-one.

Instead, show compassion - to yourself and your Inner Child.

Make peace with the parts of you that were scared, hurt, lonely or confused.  FORGIVE THEM.  FORGIVE YOURSELF.  FORGIVE ALL OTHERS.  The Ho'oponopono is a beautiful practice of forgiveness (there is a link below).  Simple and powerful.

Practice Gratitude for who you were, who you are and who you are about to become.  Every day, in every way.

Forgiveness and Gratitude has changed my life - I know it can change yours, too. (It's a scientific fact - check out the interesting article in the links below).

When we feel into what we HAVE to be grateful for, what is going right in our lives and in our world.  When we shift our focus from what we don't have to what we want MORE of, our whole perspective on life changes.

Instead of focusing on our limits or fears, we focus all attention instead on what we want more of... success, happiness, joy.

It's time to make that shift from constantly looking in the rear view mirror of life, to focusing entirely on the journey and looking forward.​  Gratitude is an amazingly powerful process by which to help us shift this focus.

And remember that once we Recognize the Root, and choose to Release the Limits... the REAL WORK begins...  This is where we create NEW PATTERNS of thought, behavior and choice to take the place of those old, outdated ones.

This is where we finally learn to tap into our JOY, our purpose, and our BIG LIFE GOALS.

Journal Prompt:
What are the new patterns of
thought, behavior and belief 
I wish to create in my BIG NEW LIFE?

That will be the work for the NEXT mini eCourse. (And is certainly the work of 1:1 coaching).

Thank you for taking this journey with me.  It's been my honor and privilege to create this mini eCourse.  My intention is that it was illuminating, helpful and has helped you break free of some of the limits that were holding you back from YOUR BEST LIFE. 

Give your Inner Child a hug from me - you BOTH deserve lots and lots of love!

Please let me know how I can support you in your journey forward.  

In the meantime, come join us in our supportive Facebook Group: Intuitive Self Mastery.

Much love and gratitude ~

​P.S. Please leave a comment below - I'd love to hear about your journey to 'Unlock Your Inner Child'!

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