Time to DIG DEEP for the answers you seek!

Our 'Inner Child' parts operate at a subconscious level.

​Which explains why we often know we are acting or reacting irrationally, or too intensely (or not intensely enough)... We will be aware that there are forces at play (now we know they are called 'patterns', and we can totally understand that, right?).  We will have some idea that the way we are handling the situation feels 'off' - but we will have no clear idea as to why, and often feel powerless to know how to change our circumstances.

Meditation is a powerful way to access our subconscious mind - which is where our Inner Child is operating, most of the time.  It's like a 'bridge' that connects our conscious and subconscious minds, in a way that feels empowering and SAFE.

Click the link in the resource section below to access the

Inner Child Guided Meditation

You may wish to download the 'Meditation Guide' in the files section below - i​t includes preparation tips as well as journal sheets for you to organize your Intentions and Insights from this experience.

Of course, meditation is NOT THE ONLY WAY to access the answers you seek.  The Journal Prompts all along have been another powerful way we can tap into our subconscious mind and connect with our Inner Child.  'Automatic Writing' is a powerful technique to allow our inner voice to be heard.  

Journal Prompt
What are the most important things
I need to know from my Inner Child
in order to be able to move forward
with confidence and ease?

Enjoy your journey!

We have just one lesson left...

With love and gratitude ~

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