Happy Holidays to ME!

Have you decided on the PERFECT GIFT FOR ‘YOU’ This Year?

December is my FAVORITE month. But BOY is it busy! My birthday, my daughters birthday, Christmas and New Years all rolled into one month.

It’s also the time I think about how I can give back, AND continue working AND stay sane.

So, this year I have come up with an AMAZING PLAN!

I am opening three (3) spots in December to propel THREE FABULOUS SOULS through all of the challenges that this time of year brings, including:

  • Toxic relationship patterns (helloooo - more time with family and in-laws than we might care for)
  • Difficulty with setting boundaries, saying ‘no’, and the dreaded FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
  • Stress, Anxiety and Burnout (starting the year exhausted is the last thing on MY Christmas list!)


I will donate 10% of the proceeds to my local food bank.

Woohoooo! (you CAN invest in yourself AND be giving to others at the same time!)

Win - Win - WIN!

What do you say to FOUR WEEKS / FOUR 1:1 HOURS of COACHING?

(confidential, supportive, customized to YOU)?

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to:

  • Trust your own feelings and decisions?
  • Know when and how to say ‘No’ in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling icky?
  • Let go of anxiety so you can feel calm and at peace?
  • Finally feel like you are living life on your terms?

  • Know - absolutely KNOW - that you are worthy?

As a Life Change Catalyst, I guide you (and sometimes propel you) through the massive life changes that you know you need to make in ways that completely empower you, and bring you to a state of peaceful #innerfreedom.

My 20+ years experience in psychology, plus a lifetime (45 years) of intuition, provide a grounded approach with a healthy dose of magical woo-woo (there’s also a whacky sense of humor, too).

You will GET:

* An experienced, ethical, totally-here-for-YOU confidante and sounding board

* A butt-kicker and hand-holder (only as necessary)

* Specific strategies to help you manage stress, anxiety and that unending to-do list

* Techniques to set healthy emotional and energetic boundaries in your life and biz

What do you GIVE?

The total cost for this is merely $395 (yes, and 10% of that is going to my local Food Bank).

(That is a savings of $200 (33%) off of my normal rate.)

PLUS: You will have access to me for the entire month by email or messenger between our 1:1 calls ... for that added support and “WTF” emergency moments that ALWAYS happen (trust me, I’ve been there… hellooooo dysfunctional family).

*** Book and pay by 8pm EST December 1st for the special price of $395. If you book after that, you are STILL getting a super-duper special price of $450 (and I will STILL be donating 10% to my local Food Bank).***

If you have ever thought about coaching for yourself, but wondered if you could afford it (financially OR emotionally) then NOW IS THE TIME!​

Click here if you'd like to chat to see if we might be a good fit!

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