QUIZ: How Healthy Are Your Boundaries?

Healthy Boundaries for Online Entrepreneurs QUIZ

When answering the following 10 questions, please think about the answer that is most true for how you think, act or feel right NOW.

(It is tempting to answer according to how you would like to respond if you were feeling completely comfortable with your boundaries)

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1) picketfence

My days are full.  When somebody I care about (client, friend, family member) asks me to do something for them, I usually:
2) argumentgloves

I got into coaching because I love to help people.  So when a potential client or online acquaintance sends me a PM, message or email for the third time in the past week asking for me input, I usually:
3) telephone

When I receive an 'urgent' text from a client at 8.30pm on Friday evening, I typically:
4) hobby
The last time I spent the day pursuing one of my own hobbies was:
5) worried
You just got off the phone after a FREE discovery/clarity call.  You know in your heart that the client is not a perfect fit for your personality or skill set - but they seemed really interested in working with you. You:
6) frustration
You receive a really horrible email - one that lets you know just how awful a job you are doing in this persons eyes.  You:
7) fireheart
When it comes to my feelings, thoughts and opinions, I typically:
8) key
I am REALLY good at figuring out what other peoples problems are.  Helping others is what I do best, but:
9) laptop
When it comes to scheduling my work day, it looks like this:
10) stuck
If my client is not successful, or seems to be struggling, I:

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