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Tanya Tinney is a mom of three beautiful girls (including fraternal twins), wife of an amazing entrepreneurial man, nature lover, wrangler of two large dogs and chaser of three bad cats. She is equally good at baking banana bread and whipping up a killer margarita. Her passion is helping fabulous people get unstuck from their past so they can blast through current challenges and get really stuck into achieving their dreams. With three University degrees and 14 years experience working as a psychologist, most of the time she knows what she's talking about. The rest of the time she 'wings it' based on her own messy life experiences. Her approach is one of laser focus, empathy and intuition with a healthy dose of humor - along with a kick-in-the-you-know-what when necessary (and it often is!).

‘I Am’: Two Life-Changing Words

I Am.Two words, one full sentence.A stand-alone mantra. (‘So-Hum’, a powerful yogic mantra, means ‘I Am’).The powerful beginning to your next life-changing affirmation.While Mantras and Affirmations have vastly different origins, they are both essentially powerful ways to positively influence our own emotions and behavior.  How and when they are used depends on the users comfort […]

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What is my Soul’s Purpose?

​What is my Soul’s Purpose?That question has the ability to either fling you into a state of panic or despair, or be seen as ‘Airy Fairy Crap’, and dismissed as quickly as it is asked.However, the question is an important one, and not one that is meant only for ‘super spiritual’ types.  Soul Purpose is attached to (and sometimes […]

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A Different Take on Getting (and staying) Grounded. Grounded – Change Your Life!​Newsflash: Many of us are missing out on the whole ‘grounded’ thing.And this goes for even the most spiritual folk who practice meditation frequently (I work with these folk too, so I know ).Let me explain.I was a psychologist / therapist for 13 years (over 20 years experience including education)…Something […]

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Safety and our Inner Child

Our INNER CHILD is pretty darn smart… they are trying to keep us SAFE!It might not be completely obvious to you (yet), but your Inner Child has really good reasons for doing whatever it is she or he does…Even if and when it feels frustrating.  Like self-sabotage.  Or patterns of perfectionism.  Maybe that Inner Child […]

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Releasing What No Longer Serves Us

​Time to Let It Go!You’ve completed your meditation.  Taken notes.  Listened to your parts.  Connected the dots.If you chose to skip the meditation, review your answers to the Journal Prompts all the way along this path – there is plenty of good information there too! Journal Prompt:What has been my biggest ‘A-ha’ on this journey […]

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A Powerful Guided Meditation

Time to DIG DEEP for the answers you seek!Our ‘Inner Child’ parts operate at a subconscious level.​Which explains why we often know we are acting or reacting irrationally, or too intensely (or not intensely enough)… We will be aware that there are forces at play (now we know they are called ‘patterns’, and we can […]

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The importance of identifying PATTERNS

What do we mean by PATTERNS?Well, think about the relationships in your life.  Think about how you relate to the people, situations and things around you.The way we relate to our world is FULL of patterns.Some of the obvious patterns are like the ‘schedule’ of our day. For example, maybe our pattern is to wake up, […]

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What is our ‘Inner Child’?

Why do we want to Unlock our Inner Child? ​Quick! Grab a pen and a journal  You’re going to make good use of them as you move through this course.  This work takes some Inner Exploration – and one of the best way to do that is by journalling!Access the Journal Prompts .pdf in the file […]

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Don’t just tame your Gremlin – REPLACE it!

​Don’t Just Tame Your Gremlin – REPLACE it!In the first two installments of this series (First & Second) We’ve talked a lot about the different types of Gremlin, where they came from, why they stay.We’ve covered the initial step (*forgiveness*) towards being able to RELEASE the grip that this Gremlin has had on your life […]

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