A Different Take on Getting (and staying) Grounded.

Get Grounded - Change Your Life!

Newsflash: Many of us are missing out on the whole 'grounded' thing.

And this goes for even the most spiritual folk who practice meditation frequently (I work with these folk too, so I know ?).

Let me explain.

I was a psychologist / therapist for 13 years (over 20 years experience including education)...

Something I saw (and see) over and over and over - clients who would tell me they were "great at meditation" or could easily "imagine feeling grounded". The whole 'imagine a tree with roots reaching down into the core of the earth' visualization stuff.  Yes, this really does help, feels awesome, helps us feel spiritually connected to something GREATER THAN US.  All of that is important.  

Super important.

But when it comes to the ability to really BE IN YOUR BODY, consciously, and really FEEL into your daily experiences, do you experience a HUGE DISCONNECT?

If you answered "Yes", you are not alone.​

And this 'disconnect' usually stems from early experiences.  It might be trauma related, or experiences that caused you to learn how to drop into your imagination or numb out your feelings in order to cope.

But TODAY, as an ADULT, it is so important to be able to be MINDFUL and PRESENT.  Because the present is where our relationships are, the conversations we need to have are, and the conflicts we need to resolve are.​.. in the here and now.

Not deep in Mother Earth.  Not connected to our Higher Self.  

They are in the here and now.

And so many of us are left flailing around.  Feeling anxious or overwhelmed by demands, out of control or confused by our own feelings, or stuck in the no-win blame and shame game.​

The type of 'grounded' we need is super simple.  It's the grounded that keeps you in this bodily experience so you can have healthy relationships and deal with daily interactions.  

The stuff that I'm passionate about. Because healthy communication and success in this life requires being able to stay mindful, present and grounded in this body.

A few signs that you are ungrounded include:

  • retreating into your mind (or the spiritual realm) when you are confronted or conflicted. Feeling wonderful there, but quickly feel unstable when back in your everyday experience.
  • sitting cross-legged or with feet off the ground as the norm (sounds silly, but notice your own habits and let me know).
  • anxiety that only abates when you meditate (or self-medicate).
  • 'Zoning out' to avoid conflict.

These are usually 'leftovers' of childhood stuff - old patterns at play.

I love working with women who struggle in their relationships (due to patterns of avoidance, insecurity, people-pleasing, fear or anxiety) that can be tied back to having poor relationship role models as children. Because I've been there, done that.  And I know that there is WAY MORE JOY to be had in life than what that black-and-white existence brings.

Quick tip:

Practice staying PRESENT and MINDFUL next time you are feeling intense emotion. Resist the temptation to 'zone out'.

The tendency to want to 'zone out' or 'run away' is usually a small/young child part of you being triggered into retreat. Because that was the only choice available at the time.  And it totally made sense at the time - it just doesn't any more.

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You have more skills now. You have more choices now.

Simplest way to do stay present and mindful? Breathe.  The 'balloon breath' technique works wonders and is super easy.

Easy peasy!

Need another easy strategy to stay present in your body and grounded into the moment when you are feeling super emotional?: 

Name 3 things in your environment that is 'blue', notice how your feet feel against the ground, and name 3 things you can hear (you'll be back in your body in no time).

Being present in the moment - completely mindful and in your body - is really being grounded!

You've got this

Questions?  I'm happy to answer them!

Much love and gratitude ~


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Tanya Tinney is a mom of three beautiful girls (including fraternal twins), wife of an amazing entrepreneurial man, nature lover, wrangler of two large dogs and chaser of three bad cats. She is equally good at baking banana bread and whipping up a killer margarita. Her passion is helping fabulous people get unstuck from their past so they can blast through current challenges and get really stuck into achieving their dreams. With three University degrees and 14 years experience working as a psychologist, most of the time she knows what she's talking about. The rest of the time she 'wings it' based on her own messy life experiences. Her approach is one of laser focus, empathy and intuition with a healthy dose of humor - along with a kick-in-the-you-know-what when necessary (and it often is!).

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