Ready to finally get past feeling 
overwhelmed, confused and stuck? 
All of the answers
you seek are inside of YOU
(it's time to unlock them!)


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By choosing to Unlock Your Inner Child YOU WILL...


Because you're here, you know it's probably true that you have an 'Inner Child' part that is wreaking havoc, sabotaging your efforts, or just crouching in a corner - leaving you feeling confused, insecure or simply afraid to 'show up' in the world.  You'll find out how to better understand YOUR Inner Child parts, and how to use this information to let go of your limits and achieve your big life goals!


Did you know that psychologists have been studying patterns in our behavior, thoughts, actions, feelings and beliefs for decades.  These patterns are at the root of most of the difficulties we face in our life and relationships - which means they also hold the key to successful change!  We will learn to recognize our own negative patterns, and the steps to take to create new, healthier ones.


Sometimes we make things harder and more complicated than they have to be.  With a powerful guided meditation and focused journalling prompts, you too can learn to tap into your own 'Inner Child'...  and find the answer to your 'Big Life' questions!  


This Inner Child stuff is a deep passion of mine.  After twenty years experience and advanced education in psychology, and strong intuitive skills, I have plenty of experience guiding people to find the answers to their biggest life questions.  Now, through this 'Inner Child' course, you can benefit from this experience and finally UNLOCK YOUR ANSWERS, today!

Becky Schoonover Education Expert & Intuitive Coach

Tanya is a genius at what she does.  Her psychology background and super powerful intuition are incredible! Every time I've worked with her I've experienced massive shifts and transformation.

Your course includes:


Exclusive access to a 25-minute guided meditation specifically tailored to maximize your sense of calm, grounded safety, while connecting with the parts of you that have been holding the answers to your 'Big Life Questions'


You will receive two downloadable .pdf's:
Journal Prompts (to support your inner journey) and the Meditation Guide (to support your powerful Guided Meditation).  


Five lessons, where you learn in sequential order all about your Inner Child: the psychology of it, the role of patterns, emotional safety, journalling prompts and strategies for releasing what no longer serves us.


Included are helpful blog articles and links to information that you will find useful to your own healing journey as you explore and connect with your own Inner Child.  

Johanna Gardner Spiritual Coach, Mentor & Artist

This meditation is deep and transformational! I've been studying meditation for more than two decades and this is by far one of the best I've ever done. Tanya is a master at bridging the gap between the subconscious and conscious minds. This meditation opened up my awareness to patterns I had no idea that were holding me back. I feel so much more peace and joy!

Why would you want to Unlock Your Inner Child?

If you're anything like me (like SO MANY others, too!), you've been searching everywhere for the answers to your big life questions, such as:

    • Why do I struggle so much in my intimate relationships?
    • Why do I feel that nobody understands me - no matter how clearly I try to explain my needs?
    • I know there is a voice inside that needs for it's song to be heard - but how do I do that?
    • What is my soul purpose?
    • Why does change scare me so much?

And, you are tired of looking outside of yourself for all of the answers. Asking people you know. Reading books. Downloading freebies.

Even with all the research, all the help... You are still searching - but because you are here I KNOW that you have finally realized that the answer to everything you seek is deep WITHIN YOURSELF.

And maybe you have felt afraid.  Afraid to 'tap in' because it seems too vulnerable, too scary.  

Fear not.

This journey to 'Unlock Your Inner Child' is a journey of love and self-discovery. It is a beautiful way to access the answers you seek, deep within yourself.  

The meditation and journey has been created with your emotional safety in mind.

Finally, let go of overwhelm,
confusion and self-doubt:
'Unlock Your Inner Child', Today!


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​This Mini eCourse is for YOU if: 
  • ​You have done some 'inner work', and are ready for more
  • You enjoy Guided Meditations, and are comfortable with grounding and feeling safe
  • You are looking for ways to better understand your relationship PATTERNS, TRIGGERS and NEEDS
  • You are ready to take radical responsibility for your life, and break free of TOXIC patterns
This Mini eCourse NOT for you if:
  • You are carrying a heavy load of unresolved trauma (this is where THERAPY is definitely appropriate - you are worth it!)
  • You feel most comfortable staying stuck, and are a victim of your own life
  • You prefer that others take responsibility for the unhealthy patterns in your relationships
What if you are not quite ready to do this thing?  

That is perfectly OKAY!  Sometimes we need time to decide if we are ready for the next step on our journey towards Self-Mastery!

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I'm honored that you have chosen to take this journey with me... I have spent many, many years as a therapist, mother, wife, eternal student of life and now Intuitive Life Coach & Joy Catalyst, learning how to understand and uproot what keeps us stuck, and how we can best grow our wings to fly.

Inner Child work is not just something I 'do' - it is my passion. And I've spent a long time trying to make this as EASY & ACCESSIBLE as possible. I know very well that not everybody has the time or money to spend on a coach to help guide them through this journey of self-discovery.  

I'm especially passionate about guiding those who have had poor relationship role models (dysfunctional or toxic childhood experiences) to heal the relationship with themselves, so they can have healthy relationships as adults.

The insights I share in this mini eCourse are based on more than 20 years experience in psychology and therapy, my own messy life experiences, and a healthy dose of spirituality and love.

I'm just delighted that you are here, and are SO READY to unlock the magical insights and gifts that the parts of YOUR Inner Child hold for you!  

I've made this journey super-affordable so that anyone can do this work... I know you will benefit at least as much as I have by looking inward for the answers you seek.

Much love and gratitude ~

Nichole Kelsey Healthcare Worker & Intuitive
Tanya's Inner Child meditation paints a vivid picture for our inner children to meet where they are safe to share... I love the uniqueness of the journey into the forest, finding a key, and opening my special treasure chest. I will listen to this in future meditations to dig deeper...