The 21-Day Chakra Reboot
<for Mental Health Professionals>

Have you wondered about ways to feel more energized and comfortable in your own skin, but didn't know where to start?

Have you heard about 'Chakras' , but thought that only flaky, ungrounded, non-scientific people talk about that kind of stuff?

Wanted to dip your toe into energy work as a means of self-care, but felt overwhelmed about where to start?


Chakras might be something you have heard about before, or it might be completely new to you.  Simply put, the chakras we are going to be talking about in this 21-Day experience are the seven energy centers located in our physical body.  

Think about each of these seven energy centers as energetic 'roundabouts' - each one an important and necessary part of a journey you are taking.  In optimum conditions, roundabouts ensure the fluid movement of large numbers of vehicles - making your journey faster and safer.  However, if movement at any of these roundabouts gets sluggish or blocked, it makes getting to your destination more difficult.  The journey will feel frustratingly slow, and might even result in negative experiences (emotional and/or physical).

Our chakras, when clear and functioning as they are intended, ensure the smooth transition of emotional energy through our bodies and being.  Blockages happen as a natural result of experiences, relationships and daily life.  Issues arise only if we are unaware of how to clear these blockages.  And if you're anything like me, you might not even know these energy centers EXIST, much less how to clear them!

Understanding and clearing your chakra energy centers is not a difficult process, 
but it is one that can be life-changing.

Learning about energy and chakras can be intimidating.  I know it was for me.

That is why I have created this fun, 21-Day experiential journey.  We are going to do this TOGETHER (I need to clear my energetic 'junk' out too!).

During this three weeks, we will focus on each chakra for three days.  For each chakra, we will complete a number of exercises, all targeted to the unique needs and strengths of the particular energy center.  These activities and exercises will include:

~ Journalling / Journal Prompts

~ Simple Meditations and techniques to 'shift' energy

~ Facebook *lives*

~ Group sharing/discussion

~ Recommendations for food / color / crystals that support each chakra, and how to incorporate them into your day!

And since it's important to create a 'safe container' for our sharing (talking about and processing energy can feel somewhat vulnerable), we will have a Facebook Group that is set to SECRET (only participants will be able to access the group).

In just 21 days you will may experience amazing shifts, including:

* More Clarity

*Better Energy

* An Overall Improvied sense of Well-Being

* Heightened Intuition

* Increased Self-Awareness

* Connection to your INNER JOY!

Ready to Join The Fun?

This 21-Day Chakra Reboot is going to a fun, supportive journey.

We are going to learn, share and support each other on this path towards self-awareness and better health.

It is ONLY $21 (a dollar a day!)

I'm just so excited to have you join this journey... Let's do this!